Add S3 Bucket and Get Keys

There is SO MUCH online information on how to add S3 bucket and get your keys, it will make you head swim. After doing a search for this information and finding so many different ways, we decided to write up this post so even the kids could understand:) In our instance, we are creating a […]

Free QR Code Generator Software

The QikSoft Free QR Code Generator allows your to turn any URL, map location, e-mail, text, phone number, SMS, Wi-Fi, V-Card and PayPal Payments into a scannable QR code. 1000’s of people and companies are using QR codes in their advertising to make print and web ads more interactive. Our Free QR Creator software will […]

WP Dev Suite Review

Our WP Dev Suite Review in 2 simple steps, you could create your own WordPress software to sell online, use as a traffic-magnet, or as the winning bonus for promoting affiliate products, and you’re even shown how to do that… I made a hands on video for this WP Dev Suite Review and you can […]

Amazon S3 Create Expiring Links PHP Script

Have you ever wondered how to to create Amazon S3 expiring links? It is not as hard as Amazon makes it, gosh they have such confusing documentation! You would think that a billion dollar company could make a simple interface with easy to understand documentation. Before we get started reviewing this simple PHP script, I […]

html encrypt

QikCrypt HTML Download Page Encrypt

ENCRYPT YOUR HTML PAGES WITH AES-256 Have you ever wished for a simple way to securely encrypt your download links? How about encrypting your HTML download page source code so advanced users could not simply view the page source? Great news, read on! WHY DO YOU NEED QIKCRYPT?   The main reason you need to […]

Free Online eCover Creator

Do You Need eCovers To Promote Yours or Clients Digital Products?There is no doubt that using quality graphics on your marketing pages can increase visitor engagement and lead to higher conversion rates. In fact, it has been proven that the human brain processes visual elements 60,000 times faster than just text. Let that sink for […]

Free Squeeze Page Creator Software

We are proud to release this previously “in-house only” free squeeze page creator software that builds product squeeze pages with opt-in forms. Build image and video based squeeze pages fast! Take a peek at this quick overview video and see just how simple this free software is to use: Some important notes you should know […]

ComboLok Squeeze Machine Software

We just released a new exclusive software called “ComoboLok Squeeze Machine”. You are most likely asking what the heck is a combolok? We are glad you asked! What the software does is assist you in building a product squeeze page with an email opt-in form but it adds a twist, which will engage your visitors. The […]

Chrome DevTools Masterclass Tutorial

Chrome DevTools contains lots of features that allow web developers to debug sites, software and javascript problems. Using the tools correctly will allow you to stay focused on design and view issues in real time, making your development faster. This tutorial about using Chrome DevTools will show you how get the most out of this […]