QikCrypt Your Pages With AES-256

Have you ever wished for a simple way to securely HIDE your download links? How about being able to also encrypt your page source code so advanced users could not simply view the page source? Now you can!


You can use the built-in WYSIWYG editor to build your landing and download page. For the advanced users there is also source code view.


We have built QikCrypt to be very flexible. You can use existing online download pages by pasting the source code into the software.


QikCrypt has a few built-in templates to help you construct your landing page. Use as is, add to them or design your own landing page.

QikCrypt by QikSoft.com


The main reason you need to be using QikCrypt is to protect your product download links. Force visitors to complete your process!

It is very simple (even for kiddie snoops) to view your page source code and simply extract enough info to by-pass opt-in forms. OR, EVEN WORSE by-pass your payment buttons if selling a digital product.

Although not impossible to by-pass an QikCrypt'ed page, 99% would give up within minutes and complete your desired process...

Not convinced? CLICK HERE to load example page and attempt to by-pass without using password: 1234
(example page contains NO actual download after entering password - scroll to bottom to view page source code)

QikCrypt by QikSoft.com

QikCrypt Top Features

This is our first release of QikCrypt and many more features are on the way, but current version is ready with these top features for Windows machines...

  • Simply answer software questions
  • Customize with your language
  • Built-in powerful WYSIWYG editor
  • Ability to customize page source code
  • Load existing online page & edit it
  • And much, much more on the way
  • Designed for Windows 7+ (no XP)


Push Button Simple

Unlike many other similar software's on the market, QikCrypt is very "Push Button" simple. Answer few questions, paste in content and push the button!

Landing Templates

Built-in right into the software are a few landing page templates that you can use as is or modify. You can of course build your own with the WYSIWYG editor.

Convert Existing Pages

Already got a bunch of download pages online and tired of people downloading the product without completing your process? QikCrypt to the rescue!

Save Your Designs

So you have perfected your landing page design and wish to use for other products. You have the ability to export to your hard drive and load later.

Advanced Editor

Although the built-in WYSIWYG editor is very simple to use (even for beginner's), advanced users can really tweak their designs with source code view.

Unlimited Use

Unlike some similar online (SaaS) services, you can create unlimited projects without limitations. Buy QikCrypt once and use UNLIMTED times!

QikCrypt Screenshots

You can review a few screenshots of the software and pages built by QikCrypt.

qikcrypt by qiksoft.com

Software Example

qikcrypt by qiksoft.com

Software Example

qikcrypt by qiksoft.com

Software Example

qikcrypt by qiksoft.com

Landing Page Example

qikcrypt by qiksoft.com

Encrypted Source Example

qikcrypt by qiksoft.com

Download Page Example

Grab Your Copy of QikCrypt Today!

You have arrived at the perfect time. The QikCrypt software is brand new and has only been on the market since Jan 2018. What this means is, we want to get copies into as many hands as possible and hopefully spread the word.

When we get approximately 300 copies of QikCrypt out into the wild, we will disable the FREE download and start charging. This is NOT a scare tactic! The free download will disappear when we have enough tests complete...

We will be releasing a brandable version soon and those that have helped us refine the software will get a very special deal. The only way to participate is fill out the form below and verify your email to download.

So fill out the form, check your email and download QikCrypt! You will of course need to stay subscribed for future updates but we do not send endless promotional emails like so many others...


QikCrypt by QikSoft.com

GET Your Copy of QikCrypt

For a limited time you can download this Windows software for free. We are offering this to get exposure to QikSoft products.

Why Free? We are new to the software market and wish to get our products in use. We promise that your information will NEVER be shared or sold.