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Forget Complicated, Expensive Design and Publishing Tools! Our Software Does it All!

No need to step off into design hell. No need to spend a month (or more) mastering all the different design tools that Sqribble replaces. Just Adobe Photoshop along will cost you hundreds of dollars and then learning it, is like learning to drive a submarine.

With Sqribble, all the tools you need is in one place, very simple to learn and use without spends hundreds of dollars and hours. Using the software will allow you to create top quality ebooks in record time.

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Oh How I Dislike Writing Content! But, That is NO Longer a Concern with Automatic Content!

Lets face the facts: Most of us cannot afford to spend $200 - $700 a pop for freelance writers. But using the automatic content feature automatically fills your ebook with professionally written content from a wide variety of sources.

The next time you need a quick lead magnet ebook, forget spending hours tapping keys or spending money on a freelancer.

Pulling content into your ebook from any URL, our built-in library or Word document is as easy as pushing a button.

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