We Appreciate Allowance Tips

If you have enjoyed our tutorials, tips and /or free software and wish to reward us, we sincerely appreciate it! Many sites ask for cash donations (like PayPal donate) but we are different. It is much more feasible to accept an allowance from you via Amazon. There are no transaction fees and we honestly believe safer you both parties.

Since we can always use books to learn from and supplies to keep things going, Amazon Allowances is the best choice.

No worries if you cannot afford to send us an allowance, we sincerely enjoy helping others and hope you continue to visit us in the future.

How To Send Allowance

Sending us a one-time (recurring accepted but not necessary) is simple as copying our email address, clicking a link and filling out the form on Amazon.

Step 1:

After clicking above button our email address is placed in your "clipboard" and is ready to be pasted. Once you click the below link and arrive at the Amazon Allowance form, simply place cursor in "Recipient", right click and choose "Paste" (or use Ctrl+V).

Step 2: Click Here to Continue