Best Facebook Groups for Advertising & Internet Marketing

Facebook is very powerful and will remain a very powerful social media platform for years to come. Many marketers have a love – hate relationship with Facebook but, can you live without them? Yes if you wish to go the way of the dinosaurs:)

One of the hardest things we have experienced is finding the best Facebook Groups for Advertising and Internet Marketing. There are hundreds of good Facebook Groups, thousands of crappy ones and a handful (that we have found) of great ones. We have attempted to share the ones that have provided the best experience.

Remember: Do NOT just join these groups and start posting ads! It will not work. You MUST provide value in return if you expect to get anything at all in return. With that said, here is our list so far:

Bloggers Supporting Each Other

Promotion: Daily
Group Focus: blog traffic and social media traffic.

Profit Copilot

Promotion: Days are varied
Group Focus: paid traffic, sales copy and conversions.

Become a Social Media Manager

Promotion: Days are varied
Group Focus: turning social media into a viable online income.

The Badass Solopreneur

Promotion: Wednesday
Group Focus: being a one-man or one-woman entrepreneur.

Niches Be Crazy

Promotion: days are varied
Group Focus: online business, affiliate marketing and other online business interests

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Creative Ninja Nation

Promotion: Tuesday, Friday & Saturday
Group Focus: blog/site traffic and online income.

Adventures in Blogging

Promotion: Wednesday
Group Focus: bloggers growing their audience.

Grow Your Blog

Promotion: Days are varied
Group Focus: blog traffic and content engagement.

Smart Passive Income Community

Promotion: Friday
Group Focus: creating a sustainable passive income online.

Blogs That Sell

Promotion: Friday, Saturday & Monday
Group Focus: getting traffic to your blog and converting that traffic.

Screw the Nine to Five Community

Promotion: Thursday
Group Focus: escaping the 9 to 5 grind by creating a sustainable passive income.

Blog 2 Freedom

Promotion: Every day of week
Group Focus: creating a sustainable passive income online. (Private Mastermind Group)

Promotion: None but great group
Group Focus: finding and profiting with niche blogs.

Living The Laptop Lifestyle

Promotion: Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Group Focus: creating a passive income through your passion online.

For Love + Money with Caitlin Bacher

Promotion: None but good learning group
Group Focus: creating a business around social media and Facebook groups.

Blogging Newbs

Promotion: Tuesday
Group Focus: helps newbie bloggers learn the ins-and-outs of online marketing.

Freelance To Freedom Project Community

Promotion: Friday
Group Focus: creating an online business to replace your day job.

Being Boss

Promotion: Days are varied
Group Focus: becoming your own boss through your online business.

Blogging Boost

Promotion: Monday
Group Focus: sharing content to help other bloggers grow.

Bloggers Mastermind

Promotion: Thursday
Group Focus: helping newbie bloggers with their online business.

Blogging With a Smile

Promotion: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Group Focus: helping bloggers in all niches gather more followers and visitors.

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