Chrome DevTools Masterclass Tutorial

Chrome DevTools contains lots of features that allow web developers to debug sites, software and javascript problems. Using the tools correctly will allow you to stay focused on design and view issues in real time, making your development faster.

This tutorial about using Chrome DevTools will show you how get the most out of this built-in wonder tool. The tips and tricks that Prashant shares in this video tutorial will make you fall in love with Chrome DevTools all over again.

Some of the subjects Prashant discusses are:

  • Profiling loadtime performance analyzing network activity
  • Profiling UI responsiveness using timeline view with flamecharts
  • Profiling rendering performance for jank-free animations
  • Auditing web app for memory leaks
  • Emulating networks, devices and sensors
  • Advanced JavaScript Debugging
  • Staying productive with shortcuts

And to finish off with, “How to stay on the cutting edge of all this”.

During this tutorial, you will debug a Trello board of bugs on a dummy web app that mimics real-world problems using Chrome DevTools.

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