Add S3 Bucket and Get Keys

There is SO MUCH online information on how to add S3 bucket and get your keys, it will make you head swim. After doing a search for this information and finding so many different ways, we decided to write up this post so even the kids could understand:) In our instance, we are creating a […]

Amazon S3 Create Expiring Links PHP Script

Have you ever wondered how to to create Amazon S3 expiring links? It is not as hard as Amazon makes it, gosh they have such confusing documentation! You would think that a billion dollar company could make a simple interface with easy to understand documentation. Before we get started reviewing this simple PHP script, I […]

Chrome DevTools Masterclass Tutorial

Chrome DevTools contains lots of features that allow web developers to debug sites, software and javascript problems. Using the tools correctly will allow you to stay focused on design and view issues in real time, making your development faster. This tutorial about using Chrome DevTools will show you how get the most out of this […]

Create Windows Software Installer with Inno Setup

It is very easy to create a software installer using the Inno Setup. This free software setup creator is packed with features that some paid software installers lack. According to their site, “Inno Setup is a free installer for Windows programs. First introduced in 1997, Inno Setup today rivals and even surpasses many commercial installers […]

Show Visitors IP Instead of CloudFlare IP’s

We love Cloudflare! But, after many attempts to restore real visitor IP’s via cPanel we just about gave up. We hated the thought of removing our sites from Cloudflare since there are so many positive benefits. I hate to even say it but, thinking the people at Cloudflare do not even understand how to restore […]

Convert Responsive Websites Into App

This tutorial will walk you through the steps to convert responsive websites into an app. Using the Phonegap online service, you can use most any live (should be responsive) website URL and create native apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone plus for Windows 10. The Phonegap framework by Adobe System does not require knowledge of […]