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Free Quora Questions SoftwareWhen the free Quora Questions Scraper software was first born a few years back (actually our very first release), it was aimed at and only released to the educational field (mainly teachers). They loved it! The software allowed them to download sets of Quora questions and answer them as time allowed. It also had a unassuming name: QuoraEd…

The software was a hit on the teachers forums back then and still has a great following.

We Had an Idea:

Since teachers can signup and receive notifications when their students ask or respond to questions (actually anyone can do this), they could create a group learning platform for their classroom. We had visions that it would be a classroom tool, but it soon became apparent that it would never work for two main reasons:

Exposure to risky information for younger children
No real control over others bad advice & crappy responses

There are still many teachers using the Free Quora Question Scraper software, but only to keep their mind sharp and also to share their knowledge. The classroom idea was nixed. We have since released another version which incorporates a site called Qalaxia and is not available to the general public (please do not bother to ask for a copy).

Our Idea Was a Failure:

So, our idea failed -but- you benefit from our failure:) As these geniuses said:

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.
-Thomas A. Edison

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.
-Henry Ford

Failure = Determined Success:

The only people that do not fail at something, are the ones not doing anything…
-The QikSoft Team

We have revamped the original Quora scraper software and it is now released to the public. It is not a perfect software but it will get the job done and do it without costing you a single red cent! All you need is Windows 7 or up. Sorry XP & Vista users, but it is time to update…

To be honest, we do not really like the word “scraping or web scraper”. It kind of sounds ‘rouge’ or maybe like some shady software. “Qik Quora Questions” software sounds much better! A software everyone can use and feel good about:) We did our best to design the software to be kind to the Quora community and their servers.

Introducing “Qik Quora Questions” Software!

Free Quora Questions Scraper Software 1

Many would be expecting to pay for a software like this, but we take many of our software titles in a different direction. This one is not exception. We will tell you right up front the software contains ads. The ads in no way impede usage and stay out of the way!

Features at a glance:

  • Enter ANY Quora Topic URL &  Download Up to 100 Results
  • Click Start and Results Are Returned on Screen
  • Immediately Download Results and/or Visit URL
  • Download, View or Delete Past CSV Files
  • No Install Required, it’s Portable Software*

Download Qik Quora Questions Software below!


* Software writes data to hard drive so user does not have to re-enter their Quora credentials. If moved to another computer, user must re-enter their Quora credentials.

Is this software actually legal? Yes, we sincerely believe so. For starters, the software does not allow you to answer questions within the software (must be done on the Quora site). It also abides by their robots.txt rules. The software is not doing anything “sneaky”, it simply retrieves questions and allows you to visit them on the official Quora site.

Here are a couple on links that may help you rest at ease (yes, you jealous marketers too:):

You are simply “search indexing” the site for later use: more

The software sends the proper user agent header: more

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